Would you like to earn $200 just by browsing the web3?


This is part 2 in the series: Google vs D’apps and the future of advertising.

In 2021 Google earned an average of 200 dollars per user. Yes, you read it right Google earned $200 on the back of you just browsing the internet.

This is an average, if you’re a power user like me who needs a Google search to get anything done in his life this figure might be $1000.

Revenue in 2021 will be around 200 Billion only for Google’s ad department and with 1 billion active users you can do the math.

Now this might be changing in the future. Imagine a world where you go to an online clothing store called Vrubel.com.


Vrubel is web3 powered which means you can connect your wallet to the site by using Metamask for example. Now every time you click a product detail you get a micropayment into your connected wallet you don’t have to buy anything, you are earning money while browsing.

How? Advertisers are willing to pay for you just viewing their products.

This will be a direct threat to Google.

Google is the middleman and web3 enables advertisers to directly pay end consumers for their attention through web3.

I’m curious what secret project Google is working on to mitigate this…

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