The Story of Arjan

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A Family Business

I’m one of Egbert’s brothers. It is great to work together as a family. As brothers, we always talk a lot about the business during family time, since most of my brothers run their own business. I enjoy working together with my brothers. Egbert and I have been working together for some time now. I like working within Pionect since I stand behind the company’s vision and mission. Egbert and I get along very well, and we hardly have any discussions. Sometimes we talk through decisions we want to make together, and I will usually advise him within my expertise but ultimately Egbert makes the decisions. So that’s how we successfully work together.

Wearing Many Hats

My study was Business Administration and that also happens to be my role here. Anything that has to do with the operations part of a company can be part of my daily tasks.

Now it’s the second or third time that I have worked with Pionect. I’m self-employed and Egbert asked me to help him with the management work he has, as well as with some of the projects. So, my daily tasks are organized around business operations and project management.

A Life of Leadership

I’ve had some internationally orientated jobs, I’ve worked for about 10 different companies where I’ve been setting up new teams, creating new projects, leading development, and being part of leadership teams. Looking back, I’ve been doing these kinds of things my whole life. For example, when someone wanted to organize something, they called me and my wife and we organized weddings, parties, school parties, etc. I’ve also been on the board of different foundations, so it’s been there all my life. Of course, since I’ve become older, I’ve become more and more mature in these organizational and leadership skills. Things do change but I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing these things.

My Role in Pionect’s Growth

I think the biggest challenge for Pionect now is to become a professional organization and to grow beyond the start-up phase. Even though it’s a challenge for Pionect as a whole, being part of the Pionect Management Team, I feel more responsible for it. But then again it is part of my favorite things to do; setting up structures and organizing or re-organizing things. For someone to take over my job, they would need to have oversight of the company, and not be too precise or too much into detail. They would have to be thinking in general processes and have project management skills and people management skills.

Chasing Dreams

Within Pionect I think there are lots of new opportunities (projects and partnerships) that we’re running into. They can help Pionect grow, so I’m looking forward to that. Besides Pionect, I’m also a professional clown and I have my own TV program. So my long-time career aspiration lies in that area as well. I want to grow my TV program with more seasons. It’s now in Dutch and I’m translating it to multiple languages so that it can be used abroad. 

I’m a Christian and leading a church from my home. Looking into the future I want to grow in all these different areas. And then I didn’t even start about my family life with my wife of 30+ years and four grown-up children and everything that is going on around them. As you can read, I love to have a ton of things going on!


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