The Story of Ali

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Discovering Passion

Hi there, it’s Ali! At 32 years old, I’m a proud husband and father of three amazing daughters. We live near the Maassilo: conveniently close to where our office is located. My journey into the tech world started with my studies in secondary vocational education (MBO), where I discovered my passion for computer science. Eager to deepen my knowledge, I continued to do a higher professional education (HBO) in the same field. 

From Intern to Full-Time

It was during my studies that I had the opportunity to intern at Pionect. The welcoming environment and the exciting challenges I encountered during my internship made a lasting impression on me. After I graduated from school I realized I found the environment very nice and comfortable so I was thrilled to receive a full-time offer from Pionect. Recently I celebrated my 10th work anniversary with Pionect, marking a decade of growth and learning. 

My Role at Pionect

I hold the title of a full-stack developer with expertise in both front- and back-end development. I enjoy tackling challenges across a variety of projects that involve both the front- and back-end domains. It’s incredible to reflect on my journey from being an intern to working on significant projects, witnessing both professional and personal growth along the way. 

Keeping Up

To keep up with the newest tech trends I try to follow the news on YouTube and Laracasts sometimes but I learn the most during work. I also like listening to podcasts about any topic in general but after a marriage and 3 kids, it gets harder to find time for myself and my professional career. 

Leisurely Pursuits

After work, I spend time with my kids. Sometimes making sure they finish homework but sometimes we also do fun activities together like watching movies or playing games. Besides family commitments, I used to enjoy playing football with friends as well as engaging in regular table tennis matches. While these activities have taken a backseat in recent years, I’m grateful for the opportunity to unwind in a friendly game of ping-pong at the office every now and then, I often challenge my colleague Daniël to a match.


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