Welcome to the heart of Pionect, where our core competencies are part of our identity. Each and every one of them serves as a strong pillar that manages to hold up our company stable as well as connected. These four pillars form the foundation of Pionect, and they help us build the rest of our values on top of them. Let us explain…


1. Love to Learn

At Pionect, we are eager to embrace knowledge and growth. We truly believe that if our employees thrive, the company will thrive as well, as will our customers. Therefore, we offer to help increase our team’s knowledge with courses, external workshops, webinars and insightful content. We want to make sure to cover the gap of knowledge found within our company.


2. Patience to Teach

On the other side of the coin, we believe in empowering others through education. Our second core competency: patience to teach enables us to simplify complex IT solutions, making them accessible and understandable for everyone. For that reason, we always keep close contact with all of our clients, having our developers ready to answer any pending questions. Within our company, we guide interns to become junior developers. These interns have a supervisor that will answer their questions and will help them out with any problems they encounter. Everyone was a beginner at some point.


3. Strength to Build

Building custom solutions requires strength, mental and creative strength. This core competency demands an ability to stay focused, motivated, and organized while working on projects. We expect our team to have the capacity to stay on task and manage their time effectively. On top of this, we count on them to think through problems with a creative and analytical mindset. The beneficial element of working with a team at Pionect is that we can build on each other as well. Naturally, good communication is necessary to be able to rely on each other as tightly as we do. 


4. Endurance to Complete

Our last core competency is the endurance to complete. It involves the determination to navigate through obstacles, think innovatively, and find creative solutions to ensure that every project reaches its successful conclusion. It is also the willingness to continue and finish what has been started. At the same time, this does not mean following through with every idea even though it is doomed to fail. It means being able to identify when something does not work for us anymore and adapt it to a better plan so it can be overcome. 

These core competencies have been thought out in such a way that they build upon each other. By embracing them, they manage to define our identity. We stand as pioneers and invite everyone to embark on this journey with us. As a community, we are driven by the love for learning, the patience to teach, the strength to build, and the endurance to complete. We invite you to join this community by following us on:

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