Best E-commerce Websites Built with Laravel

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Laravel is a PHP-based open-source framework for developing web applications. It was created by Taylor Otwell and released under the MIT license. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture is available in the Laravel framework. 

Laravel gives you the ability to create professional and reliable websites. Developers prefer Laravel to other PHP-based MVC frameworks because it’s easy to use, has many features, and can be scaled up.

Laravel has the following capabilities, which make it the most popular framework for developing web applications.

  • It encourages the use of professional and cutting-edge web development techniques.
  • Laravel enables you to build online applications quickly and securely.
  • It helps you to design, deploy, and maintain your application quickly and pleasantly.
  • Laravel is simple to learn and comprehend.
  • One of the most capable PHP-based MVC frameworks on the market.
  • Built-in with a modern and advanced set of features
  • It has a sizeable active community and is well-documented. 
  • A dependency-management-based modular packaging solution. This implies that you can add new features to your Laravel application without starting from scratch. You can use Composer to install pre-made packages or develop your packages for code you frequently use.
  • A comprehensive authentication system
  • Object-relational mapping. Eloquent ORM, which comes with Laravel, displays database tables as classes for easy data access and manipulation.
  • A command-line interface (CLI) containing a large number of pre-programmed instructions (Artisan).
  • Testing is performed automatically. Laravel comes with built-in automated tests.
  • A virtual programming environment that can be taken with you wherever you go. Developers may use Homestead to get all of the tools they need to get started with Laravel right away.

Now, let’s look at some of the websites created with the Laravel framework and some of the advantages of using it to create your online store.


Best Websites Built With Laravel


1. Daalder

Daalder is a complete tech solution for e-commerce. It is an entirely headless e-commerce solution that creates web applications such as e-commerce stores from the ground up, giving users complete control over the appearance and feel of their site.

Daalder makes use of Laravel, a PHP framework that allows you to create a site with fast-loading pages and a great user experience. Laravel is one of the quickest PHP languages, with clean, lightweight, and efficient code. The e-commerce solution allows you to sell in several currencies and languages, allowing you to tailor your site to the needs of each country.

Daalder itself is built with Laravel. When you visit Daalder, you can tell from its design, fast-loading pages (and other features) that Laravel is an ideal framework worth using. As Daalder prioritises its customers, you can expect to get even more from the Daalder team when it comes to bringing your web store to life.


2. MyRank

Many people write blogs, and even more people read them regularly. If you want to create a website where you can share your ideas or knowledge, Laravel is an excellent option. 

This framework enables the website designer to incorporate various features, such as distributing material across several communication channels efficiently and the opportunity to register for the website or subscribe to the newsletter. Laravel gives you access to robust databases and tools that make website content management enjoyable and straightforward.

MyRank, an e-learning website, is an example of a platform developed on Laravel. MyRank has scalability thanks to the framework, which allows it to manage databases that are constantly developing.

The little Canvas blogging program built by Todd Austin exemplifies the mix of attractive design and utility.


3. World Walking

World Walking is one of the Websites Built with Laravel that encourages people to walk, both those who enjoy it and those who do not.

It can serve as an excellent smartphone application. As a result, if you want to improve your walking skills, this is the ideal location to do so.

It has features such as Groups and Walks that are unique to it. You can join groups with the Groups feature, and Walks gives you data on your overall walk for the day in the form of the number of steps.

The website’s functionality has been improved thanks to Laravel. To make your website more secure, use Laravel Security Practices.


4. Contentoo

You can design a handy product using Laravel that will make it easier for your B2B clients to outsource various services and help organize the task chaos that can occur when using external services without the proper task management tools. 

Because Laravel applications are updated regularly, users may be assured of a high level of security. This framework also enables you to create complicated business solutions and integrate third-party apps swiftly.

Contentoo is one such website. The client can choose contractors for a particular product on this website. The solution enables you to maintain your contacts and communicate with them via messenger. A feature that reminds the user of deadlines is also available.


5. Flarum

Flarum is built on the Laravel framework. It is a platform for creating forums. Flarum is a piece of software that allows you to create sophisticated and secure modern forums. Many features enable you to construct engaging, attractive, responsive, speedy, and efficient forums tailored to different communities’ needs and expectations.

Laravel is an excellent choice in this scenario because it allows you to quickly build a basic platform and then modify it over time by adding various valuable tools. Flarum users will also appreciate the real-time notifications on the platform.

The Laracasts site dedicated to Laravel is an excellent example of such a forum. The developers used Laravel to create the forum’s backend. This framework’s knowledge database is organised. There is a discussion forum for programmers and a wealth of podcasts, courses, and publications.

Another typical example is the WeStryve website, which uses Laravel to provide security and communicate ideas to the forum’s participants.


6. is a well-known forum for the Laravel development community. The forum was created using the Laravel framework.

The signup module includes a built-in GitHub integration. As a result, the forum’s value increases when you want to create your social apps.

In every respect, the forum is beneficial to Laravel developers. Take a peek at the forum to see how well-designed it is.

In this instance, the developers used Laravel Helpers Functions. As a result, the website has a more appealing appearance and a more comprehensive scope.


7. Deltanet Travel

Deltanet is a Laravel-based website that offers a variety of travel locations. It organises consumers’ trip packages to various destinations. Its primary focus is on tourist services in Greece.

The Laravel framework was used to develop this website. Take a look at the website and see for yourself that Laravel is indeed The Best PHP Framework of All Time.

You should also take notice that the entire site is easy to navigate and explore.


8. Tably

Developers frequently use Laravel to create booking applications. The ease of integrating payments, among other things, validates the ease of building a PHP website of this type. When a brand evolves and wants to offer additional services, the developers can upgrade applications and websites with additional functionalities at any moment.

Restaurants can use systems like Tably to automate table booking and customer care processes. Laravel technology helps for effective and convenient booking administration and the storage of vital information on customer orders. 

A solution like this can be customised to meet the needs of a particular restaurant franchise or location. Another app, BonAppetour, connects travellers and hosts worldwide, allowing them to schedule a sampling of local home-cooked meals quickly.

The use of this PHP framework provides for fast platform management and database information collection.


9. Neighbourhood Lender

Neighbourhood Lender is a website that offers No-Closing-Cost Financing. Thousands of house loans are financed by Neighbourhood Lender in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. The Neighbourhood Lender’s team strives to save its clients a lot of money.

They have a team of world-class mortgage consultants who can save clients money, time, and headaches.

For their consumers, the team simplifies complex processes into a simple experience.

Neighbourhood Lender was created on Laravel, making it a user-friendly website for their valued customers.


10. Toyota Hall of Fame

Every year, over 30 million players in the United States and Canada participate in Fantasy Football, an interactive online tournament. The typical fantasy football player can register with big corporations like Yahoo and Toyota in a fantasy hall of fame.

Footballers can be nominated for the “Hall of Fame” distinction by visiting the Toyota Hall of Fame website. This open-source framework aids in the website’s smooth operation, making it easier for the organization to manage and monitor their coding, scale without difficulty, and auto-load PHP classes through its auto-loading functionality.

There you go! There are several thousands of websites and businesses built with the Laravel framework, and in case you’re still not convinced why Laravel is one of the best decisions you could make for your store, let’s wrap up with these 3 benefits.


Benefits of Building Your E-commerce Store Using Laravel


For most businesses, security is the most crucial consideration. Advanced security measures in Laravel are simple to set up on most websites to improve security and protect them from hackers and cybercriminals.

Laravel employs the Bcrypt hashing method to go technical, which ensures that no passwords are stored in the database.

When compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel includes excellent user authentication and easy-to-create restricted access functionalities. This protects both you and your customers’ information.

It’s Quick and Easy

Because Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, most web developers are already familiar with it; not to mention the selection of built-in templates that make development easier and faster for developers.

This means that a skilled Laravel developer could create a 5- or 6-page website in as little as a day or two. A short development period translates to lower expenses and faster outcomes for the company.

Improved website efficiency

Unlike many other frameworks, Laravel comes with built-in caching for your website, which helps speed up your site. Other speed optimisation strategies, like memory utilisation reduction and database indexing, are also simple to implement with Laravel to improve your website’s performance.

If site speed and SEO optimisation are essential to you, Laravel is a fantastic choice for your company.

Follows MVCI

If you look up Laravel on Google, you’ll notice that it uses a Model-View-Controller design. It is for this reason that Laravel is an “excellent” framework for developing web apps.

It boosts productivity, enhances clarity, and allows for better documentation. 

Transparency between business logic and presentation is critical in development. Laravel uses the MVC architecture. It includes a lot of built-in features, and MVC improves efficiency and documentation.

Integrations With Third-Party Services are Straightforward

Almost every website requires some integration with a third-party application. This integration might be a payment system such as Stripe or Paypal or a marketing tool that your business uses. 

Whatever the integration, Laravel’s clean APIs for integration make connecting third-party programs simple. Laravel is very flexible and integrates well with third-party software, whether your website requires a payment system or an automated solution to handle your marketing.

Perfect for Handling Traffic

The volume of traffic to your website will increase as your company grows. Laravel-based websites respond to requests much faster than websites developed using other frameworks.

Laravel has a one-of-a-kind message queue mechanism that allows you to defer certain website operations, such as sending emails, until later. 

Controlling time-consuming operations allows your website to process tasks more quickly. This not only keeps your website’s server in good shape, but it can also help you save money on hosting in the long run.


Closing Thoughts on the Framework

This post is a short, comprehensive list; many other large and small sites were built with Laravel. Laravel is used to build over 1.3 million websites worldwide, and the numbers are growing every day.

Whether it’s a commercial website, a simple website, or a personal one, the framework shines. All of this points to the fact that Laravel is fantastic!

With Daalder, you can start building a fully functional, security-focused, and performance-assured Laravel-based e-commerce platform right now. The options are endless, and the results are better experienced than told.


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